Who made January the first month of the year?

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A new year is a time to look forward and plan new ventures and goals. But why does the New Year start in January? It hasn’t always been this way. So, where did our calendar originate? The Ancient Egyptians developed one of the earliest calendars and started the New Year in the [...]

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Generational risk management

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Personal risk management is a critical foundation stone of any financial plan. The key personal insurances are: Life insurance. This pays a lump sum benefit when you die. Total and permanent disability insurance (TPD). A lump sum is paid if you meet the policy definition of being totally and permanently disabled. Income [...]

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The rules governing gifts from SMSFs

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There are now almost 600,000 Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) in Australia where the members of the fund are also the trustees. These trustees are responsible for running the fund according to the superannuation rules. If they get it wrong, the consequences can be dire. Each year, SMSFs lose their concessional tax allowance [...]

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How to protect yourself from being scammed

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Since the earliest days of commerce there have always been people prepared to commit fraud against others. With easy access to millions of people via the internet, modern fraud has increased the opportunities for the bad guys and heightened the risk for the innocent. We are all interested in making a better [...]

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