Cloud accounting is best described as ‘online accounting’. Instead of installing and running your accounting software on your local computer you access the software and your data files over the internet. Your data is securely stored ‘in the cloud’ rather than on your local hard drive or server which means you have access to your financial data from anywhere, at any time, using any device including your mobile phone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection. Most people now use the cloud for applications like internet banking.

Is cloud accounting right for you?

Markus Mobile Tax Accounting Services specializes to help you unlock the financial potential by using a cloud accounting package.

You can access your financial data via the internet and invite your accountant or bookkeeper to view your accounts at the same time. This means you can get bookkeeping assistance and valuable advice in real-time. Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or smart phone to get a real-time view of yourcashflow. Your data is completely secure, even if your computer is lost or stolen. Your data is automatically backed up and stored at various secure offsite locations.

All your invited users have access to the latest version of your financial data and you never need to worry about installing software or updates. Your data is never out-of-date and provided your subscription is current, software updates are automatically available when you login. Large upfront fees and switching costs are eliminated using cloud based solutions. These services run on a pay as you go basis so you only pay for what you use and the costs are 100% tax deductible.


We support the Xero cloud to let you spend more time working ON your business and less time on your record keeping. If you would like to find out whether a cloud based software solution is the solution to your business, contact us today.

Quickbooks_intuit_logo-1-300x87We also specialise in Quickbooks Online which is another very popular cloud accounting software. Quickbooks is a very intuitive which is easy to use and you can create quotes and invoices from your smart phone enabling you to spend more time working and managing your bookkeeping through your phone.If you would like to find out what cloud based software solution may be the best solution for your business, why not contact us today. We look forward to set up your accounts in the cloud and take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.