Investment Loans

We will help you with your investment loan:

  • Equity release
  • Choosing the right investment loan
  • Applying for Loan Pre-approval
  • Understanding the costs before your buy
  • Setting up the loan to maximise benefits
  • Finance Strategy 

We will work with you on a strategy that is tailored towards your unique requirements like tax minimisation strategy, creating wealth etc.

  • Loan Comparison 

We will provide you with a comparison of top lenders and a recommendation why to choose one bank or lender over another.

  • Lender Selection 

We select lenders to maximise borrowing capacity including a long-term finance strategy to protect y our assets rather than just interest rates & fees.

  • Loan Structures 

We structure loans for the long term benefit of our clients.

Some of the options available to investors include:

  • Interest only repayment loan
  • Variable rate loans
  • Fixed rate loan
  • Line of credits
  • Interest in advance
  • and much more…

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